Monday, 14 October 2013


On Friday we had our annual school Fun Walk which was great craic. Each year St Wolstans holds the Fun walk in aid of different charity's, each student is asked to bring in two euro to support the chosen charity's.
Each year is  given a colour to dress up in ,Ty's got yellow :) each class in the school has to come up with a dance with the theme of friendship and theres a compettion for the best class of each year ! CORNARO WON WOO ! Our theme was the ugly ducking , all of us dressed up as ducks ! Ms O'R was the mother duck and Lauren was the ugly ducking.We danced to Its my party  , keep on moving and We're all in this together while lauren waddled away with the duck song and in the end we all came together as a flock of ducks :D we put in alot of effort into the costumes and dance so luckily our hard work paid off :D And because we won we had a party in English with Ms O'R with the box of roses we won :D

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