Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Spinning bins and blowing up balloons!

Yesterday all of the ty's went to the Institute of Technology Tallaght for Science week.We had a talk on Chemistry which was very interesting and fun! We left school at 10:40 and arrived a bit too early so we got a talk in one of the labs from one of the lecturers about bacteria which was very informative .At 12:15 we had our talk along with one other school .The talk was very interesting with experiments for every fact.For most experiments he chose someone from the audience to help him which gave us all a laugh as we watched a boy try to blow a ball into an empty bottle which was impossible hehe ! We also saw a bin spinning  around a lit small fire which was quite weird .. The talk ended with a huge bang (literally) as he had a balloon which we all believed to be full of helium but was actually full of hydrogen and he lit it on fire and it had a huge bang and a gust of hot air which nearly gave me a heart attack ..He was trying to teach us that we shouldn't always believe a balloon is full of helium as it is a mystery gas so it may not always be !

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