Thursday, 5 December 2013

Road Safetyy !

Today all Ty's went to Punchestown for a kildare road safety exhibition . We left school at 9:05 ,when we arrived we were free to walk around and see various different stalls on road safety and look at other small events ! We also got to meet Johnny Doyle the Kildare player and got a picture with him ! There were 1,300 students there along with other guests ! At 11:30 everyone went into a seperate area for a big talk /presentation! NYPD were the first to talk followed by the guards , a woman from drink aware , the head of Hse ambulances and the meath road safety man We were showed many graphic videos and clips about the dangers of the road which really opened our eyes a little to the reality of the road.We finished at 12:55 and then went home ! Today we had a half day because of the 2nd year parent teacher meetings woo :)

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