Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wellies are the best!

Yesterday All Ty's got taken to rathbeggan Lakes for a project maths trip . It was really cold and we had to wear tracksuits and layers of clothes and WELLIES woo :) we were seperated into groups of four and each started of with a different challenge my group had to measure angles on a triangle from a diagram of the climbing wall.We then got two more activities to do one on probability and one on area and distance , All in all it was a fun day ! We left Rathbeggan at about 12:15 and then went on to Blanchardstown for lunch myself ,Ailbhe and Jessie got Ginzeng woo :) we then got to have a look in the shops before heading home :D The man also told us we were the best school that ever went to the Lakes woo !!

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