Monday, 23 September 2013

A trip down the road

The day after results (Sept 12th) the three Ty history classes took a trip down the road to Castletown house for a tour . It was a horrible rainy day and the plan was to walk to the house but thanks to Ms Mc H we got a bus WOO! We arrived before 2 o clock and we were then split into two groups one went ahead of the other in order for us all to see the rooms ! Our tour guide was great and told us a lot about the house , she also told us that she once felt the presence of a spirit in the house but she said there's no bad spirits in the house only good ...Thank God! It was a good day out and was a good way to relax after the partying the night before ! I'm happy with my Junior cert results and Wrights was amazing so it was a great way to finally finish the first three years of Secondary school and to move on to the senior end ... :)

Here's a picture of the three Ty classes outside Castletown house!


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