Monday, 2 September 2013

Cornaro :D

Were into our first full week of school as ty's now , theres 3 classes Cornaro, Tabei and Tereshkova. Cornaro was the first woman to get a degree , Tabei was the first woman to climb mount Everest and Tereshkova was the first woman to go to space ! Im in Cornaro and so far the class is great :)The first day was so nerve wrecking as everyone was so anxious to see who would be in their class and if they would be with their friends which luckily I am :D .In art we did blind contour drawing which was fun and was exciting as it was my first time to do art !In technology were making keyrings as our first project ! In home- ec were planning our junk kouture outfits - The aim of junk kouture is to design and make an outfit made of completely recyclable material and inclue one electrical object which really had us all thinking !In science were brainstorming ideas for Sci Fest :)It feels like we've done a lot so far and we haven't even  been in a week which is great :)In music were singing which was a great laugh for the whole class .In history were  learning about the 1913 lockout as it is exactly 100 years old.   Its still abit weird having most of my friends in 5th year but I suppose ill get used to it ! Heres a picture of last years junk kouture! 

Laura :)