Monday, 23 September 2013

The Adventures of Carlingford !

On Monday the 16th of September the Ty's trip to Carlingford began ...As I was dragged out of bed at half 6 :( on Monday morning with my bags packed and set for adventure I met up with the year at Esso where the bus was to bring us on the journey. The night before myself  Niamh  O'H ,Eimear P  ,Amy B ,Lauren B, Shauna C, Aoife F and Lauren Mc met up in Tesco to stock up on some food when I say some we got a little bit carried away and filled a trolley which could of lasted us a week ..opps!
The eight of us were planning on getting a room of eight so on arrival we all rushed off the bus to get our room only to figure out we weren't getting our room until after lunch haha. So we left our bags in a store room and were split into two groups one of 30 which I was in and one of 37 these were the two groups we stayed in for the two days !  My groups first activity was laser tag , which was such a hike to get to in the forest  but was well worth it as it was so much fun and I was on the red team who won 3 out of the 4 games wooohoo  !!We also got to wear army suits which added greatly to the excitement !  We got back to the centre where we got our rooms and Luckily we got our room of eight YAY !! Then we had our lunch , after lunch my group went on another hike up to a big field where we played team building games which ended up our group throwing little Plunk through a spiders web made of rope and her landing on the ground  haha she was okay tho !And our team won with Jeff  with 12 gems woo :D We got back to the centre and had dinner which was not so gourmet haha  .. We chilled in our room for awhile and unpacked our bags as if we were staying for weeks !We then went on a night walk which ended  up with Lauren Leading a group of us through the forest blindfolded which was possibly the worst idea ever , After playing a few games we went home but went through an old drain tunnel and safe to say never again it was pitch black and was so scary but im happy I did it ! We got back and had Chinese and then headed for bed at 11 and once we got to our room it didn't take long before we all fell straight to sleep ! Another early morning on Tuesday where alarms were set  in my room for  half 6 !! We all got up eventually, packed and stripped our beds ! We then set of to do activities where we went body zorbing which was so So fun we played sumo wrestling ! After Zorbing we all went into a Maize which I panicked in and got out of haha ! In the afternoon we went to the sea to go kayaking which was great fun as we got to go to a trampoline in the middle of the sea , we then went to an old cave where we put our heads under a waterfall which allegedly puts an extra day on your life :) After we got off the water we got on the bus and went home :( Carlingford was a great experience and gave me so many memories and new friends !
-Laura :)

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