Monday, 30 September 2013

Walk like a lady

So for the first three Wednesdays of Ty we had different sorts of workshops from Positive Parties with Denise Devlin to Confidence building with Austin Dunne to Deporting and Etiquette with Kate and Brenda from Bk inniú and last Wednesday for one workshop we had Mr Corcoran and Ms Hughes to help with work experience and last but not least massaging with Gilíosa ! Each workshop was different in a good way ..
Massaging with Gilíosa was a great way to relax and get a free massage  waheey ,but was also a chance to learn how to massage properly and we also learned about how to massage the head correctly :)
Positive parties was where the craic was at from dressing up in banana costumes to Laughter yoga it was so great fun as we got to play pass the parcel :D and during this workshop we also got the chance to see Ms Leahy in pink sparkly 7inch heels  haha .
Bk inniú was something very different but was also fun , we started with deporting learning how to walk like lady's shoulders back and the likes... felt a bit like the ICA without the seriousness hehe , we then changed into heels and learned how to walk properly to save ourselves the shame of falling on a night out !We were also taught how to apply makeup correctly and the importance of looking after our skin which shamefully is something I lack on doing a lot !

This Wednesday coming is our First work experience ... I'm going to Elm hall Nursing home which I'm so nervous about but at the same time so excited as nursing is something I've always wanted to do !Hopefully Ill be grand :)

-Laura x

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