Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Its getting close

Tomorrows the day we've been waiting for since what feels like years...
Everyone is so nervous and anxious to see what their results will be and also so excited for the results night itself ! Some of us are going to the wright venue in swords to celebrate the night .. which caused a lot of hassle cause the tickets sold out ridiculously fast considering it is only a junior cert night but it the end it all worked out grand as everyone got a ticket ..Thankfully ! Im so nervous to see what the outcome of the last three years of work will be , Not that i can change anything now so there's no point worrying as all the teachers have been telling us , but its easier said than done ! Luckily for Ty's we dont have to be in school tomorrow until 11:50 and we get the results at 12 which isn't too bad :) 

Last Wednesday we had 3 workshops which were great craic , one was massaging which had us all relaxed in the morning , the second one was positive parties where we got up and danced and told jokes it was great fun and helped the class bond ! Last but not least we had confidence building workshop  which was interrupted many times by wasps coming in and out the window which turned out to be entertaining ! So far Ty has been great . On thursday the 12th for the afternoon the three ty history classes are going to Castletown for a tour which should be good ..especially after being at a disco the night before :)  i wont have a blog next week as were going to Carlingford ... I cant wait !!!

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